World Sight Day 11th October 2012

A message from Second Sight founder Lucy Mathen:

I made a unilateral decision about how to mark World Sight Day this year. I was in Orissa and Bihar in the weeks leading up to October 11 and it was so obvious what Second Sight should be celebrating: children.

You see, where we work, in the Indian states of Bihar and Orissa, children requiring treatment for cataract blindness continue to be turned away by most hospitals and ophthalmologists. This is either because the parents cannot afford treatment. Or because the eye surgeons do not have the expertise or facilities required to operate on children or because ophthalmologists do not want to take on difficult or potentially complicated cases.

This is not, however, what happens at the hospitals which we support clinically and which you, our donors, support financially.

On this last trip I saw more children than ever before having their sight restored at our partner hospitals. And I saw the relief on the faces of parents who had found hospitals who would not turn them away. This is such a rewarding part of our work that I want to flag it up this World Sight Day.

child 2 child 3

Here is just one young patient I examined. His name is Khushi which means ‘living happily.’

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