Second Sight Non Medical Team

From 2009 Second Sight's volunteer English teachers went to the Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital at Mastichak in Bihar. From 2012- 2015, Sheila Brockelbank (pictured with student Jyoti Shukla) organised a formal English Programme. It was crucial in helping hundreds of trainees gain their optometry qualifications.


Thanks also to
Annie Ablett, John Black, Robyn Becker, Margot Berning, Caroline Bird, Buffy Bowles, Lin Brown, Noeni Bryars, Jonathan Casey, Lisa, Gemma and Sophie Chakowa, Noyona Chanda, Konrad Chapman, Roisin Cox, Joan Crawley, William Earp, Bryan English, Rose Galey, Angie Gleeson, John Hardwick, Ruban Inba, Lynda Jessopp, Permi Jhooti, Hannah Kenner, Ray Kipling, Sheridan Lynch, Fank Maguire, Frank Morgan, Kat McClenaghan, Rob Meldrum, Sarah Mumford, James Murphy, Jessica Moreno, Bene Parel, David Price, Paul Quant, Georgie and Felicity Roach, Manish Shah, Sheila Sandford Smith, Laura Sparkes, Julie Smart, Mikki Summers, Nikki Tomkins, Will and Charlotte Thompson, Jamie Woon.

Special thanks to Mark Knopfler who helped get us started, to Jenny Matthews whose photographs and videos have helped eye hospitals all over Bihar and Odisha, to Dr. Helen Rao who inspired us to focus on Bihar, and to the late Rajmal Jain and the late J P Sahi who set such a good example to us all.