The extra-ordinary tale of how a chance game of football with village girls transformed a corner of India’s poorest state and the eye hospital at the heart of the community.

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The Keswick Film Festival
The London Independent Film Festival
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The documentary toured Britain for a year after its triumphant London premiere at Screen on the Green in Islington, which was hosted by broadcaster Samira Ahmed. Screenings were combined with Q&A sessions with Second Sight’s many and active volunteers answering queries. Thanks to all who came on board as SS donors or volunteers as a result of this successful Road Show. DVDs of the film are now available.
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"This is a tale of the unexpected. Junction for Having Fun is a story about India, but without Bollywood actors, beaches, or temples. It's a story about football, but there's no overpaid premiership stars with their machismo and designer clothes; it's a story about how doctors can change lives, but not with 12-hour thousand-pound operations; but really, it's a simple story of how one woman really can change the world. 
But don't think Junction for Having Fun is going to preach at you. It's a beautifully made little film that tells its tale with the minimum of dramatics. At its heart is Lucy Mathen, the former journalist who retrained as a doctor and now runs Second Sight, and how her twin passions for curing the blind, and football, have helped create an extraordinary new hospital in rural northern India. 
The film-makers including videographer Jenny Matthews have a great eye for detail and humour and succeed in getting unselfconscious performances from the teenage girls who, with their short hair, represent a hopeful, and changed, future for Mastichak."
Imogen Tilden
Commissioning Editor for Arts, Film and Music for The Guardian

"A remarkable film about a remarkable project. Very watchable and very moving."
Bob Doran
Media Consultant, Former BBC News Editor, Radio 4.


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