This year we began to feel some solidarity with other organisations working in the state. We were delighted to observe a huge eye camp held at Bodhgaya (Gaya district) organised by the Bhansali Trust. Working quietly and independently the BT organise two such camps every year. Bihari patients also benefitted from the Lifeline Express train which came to nearby Jharkhand, sponsored by the company Mahindra. The eye surgeon on-board was none other than Dr.Shiva from Odisha whose TN hospital we support. And in Rohtas district eye surgeon Dr. Punitha made good use of the eye department set up by Second Sight at Gems Hospital.

All this combined with the year-round work of SS partner hospitals - the Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital working out of bases in Saran and Patna districts, Laxman Eye Hospital working from its base in Muzaffarpur district, Bamdah Mission Hospital in Jamui district and the Aditya Eye Clinic in Katihar district - brought the number of people in Bihar given free cataract surgery to restore sight to around 90,000.

Meet one of them: feisty septuagenarian Sanjhariya Devi whom Second Sight’s Lucy Mathen was foolish enough to address as ‘Didi’ (older sister).

“Who are you calling older sister?” she replied. “Now that I can see, I can see that you are almost as old as me!”